6 Best Website Optimization Tools

Optimization Tools

Optimization Tools

Why is it that website optimization is overtly exaggerated by marketers nowadays? Why is the big fuss? Why is it highly recommended for website owners?

In a nutshell, website optimization tools help to automate the series of processes involved in making your website more visible to search engines and maximizing its conversion rate (Source: Webfx)

It is no longer strange news that in a business, there are always competitors, and when it comes to getting the best out of a website, competitors are not joking around but doing all it takes to prevail too. Your competitors have already equipped their websites with highly sophisticated data and processing power, so why shouldn’t you?

Best Website Optimization Tools and Their Capabilities

To assist in your choice of tools towards achieving your desired goals, we’ll be discussing some of the top-notch, most utilized, and most productive website optimization tools you can consider equipping your website with coupled with their respective capabilities, regardless of the site’s nature and function.

There are more than hundreds of tools (both free and paid) out there with which you can get a website optimized and draw more prospects to your site’s pages and, in the long run, successfully convert them to happy, regular customers. However, only a few of these tools can get the job done and give you the best-desired results yet.

What most tools do is help you gain valuable insights relating to how you can improve and get the best out of your website. Here are a few that are most favored by most website owners.

#1 Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a fascinating and amazing paid website optimization tool. Its importance in every marketer’s toolbox cannot be overemphasized. Its various capabilities are almost limitless that we can’t possibly list them all, given the scope of this article.

The tool offers a wide range of beneficial functions. It can efficiently crawl both large and small websites while enabling you to analyze the obtained results in real-time. With its crawling service, it can find broken links (404s) as well as server errors, after which it exports the bulk of these errors and source URLs to fix it.

Aside from crawling, it can also audit redirects. It finds redirects, redirects chain, and loops or instead uploads a list of URLs to check on a site migration. Some of its other notable functions include:

●     Analyze Page Titles and Meta Data

●     Discover Duplicate Contents

●     Extract Data with Xpath

●     Review Robots and Directives

●     Generate XML Sitemaps, to mention a few.

#2 GTmetrix

GTmetrix is a free, very prominent website optimization tool worthy of recommendation. Google announced its speed update in January 2018. Concerning Google’s blog post announcement, it was brought to public knowledge that the new update would add mobile speed to the search engine’s list of ranking factors (Source: CrazyEgg).

The good news about this update is that there will be an increase in the loading speed of pages that loads slowly. This will tremendously impact your page ranking and also contribute to high bounce rates on both mobile and desktop. This analysis can be seen in the image below.

Some other notable functions include:

●     Track your performance over time

●     Get notified when your page is slow

●     See how your page loads on different devices and so on

#3 Ahrefs

This tool is one of the essential website optimizers you can ever get. Have you been having issues with your choice of keywords? This tool is the bomb! Ahrefs is a site and keyword explorer tool. It enables you to see the exact keywords that give your competitors an edge in organic search rank as well as the level of traffic they can drive at different times.

This web optimization tool also gives keyword suggestions from its high capacity keyword database of over 3 billion. Asides, it also shows its users’ annual search volume trends as well as provides you with useful insights into searchers’ behavior and SERP rankings.

Some other essential functions offered by this tool are:

●     Offers Backlink checks

●     Research what content works best in your niche

●     Gives accurate location-specific ranking reports

●     Constantly Monitor your niche for new opportunities etc.

#4 Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest enables you to have access to insights and working strategies being utilized by your competitors, thereby allowing you to adopt them, improve on the strategy, and rank.

The use of unique Keywords is crucial when it comes to your website’s contents as it goes a long way in determining the ability of your content to rank.

This tool works wonders when it comes to keyword research. It helps you with keyword suggestions that can be used in your content, so you have a higher chance of ranking better during engine searches.

In addition to the fact that it provides you with lists of suitable keywords concerning your content, it also gives search volumes, ranking difficulty, and the cost per click.

Also, worthy of mention is that Ubersuggest also provides backlink data. With access to backlink data, you get to see sites that have linked to one of your contents. You then reach out to them to connect to you in the future while the same could be requested of you.

#5 Yoast SEO

This tool is essential for those whose websites operate on WordPress. Even though Yoast SEO offers a free version, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of the paid version. This is because the free version is quite limited in function. Yoast SEO is a tool that ensures that you don’t miss any important thing out of your WordPress content.

By making use of the paid version of this tool, you will be able to get your WordPress content optimized for target keywords, access suggestions on internal linking, keep an eye on your most important pages and alert you when an update is due, analyze the readability of your content and many more.

#6 Google Search Console

The last but not the least on this list is Google Search Console. Ordinarily, without much knowledge of how productive this tool is, the fact that the tool bears the title “Google,” you will agree with me that it’ll receive a lot of attention. With this tool, you’ll be able to submit your sitemap to ensure there are no errors, check for security, provides site analytics to check your website’s performance, set preferred domains, check robots.txt files, optimizes your website for visibility to mention a few. All these ensure that your site ranks more.


No website can survive the test of time nowadays, without optimization for search and conversions. This will only amount to the death of the site. I trust you don’t want to sing a hymn to your site. Take that bold step today, and get your website optimized, making use of the right tools.

Gregory is passionate about researching new technologies in both mobile, web, and WordPress. Also, he works on writing service review websites Online Writers Rating. Gregory in love with stories and facts, so Gregory always tries to get the best of both worlds.

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Archie Searles June 27, 2020 at 3:15 pm

The majority of solutions give any help with intent matching. On top of that, most content marketing tools are just a lot of unhelpful functionality. I’d be interested in seeing what you think about INK. The uncluttered fullscreen really helps me stay focused, it’s helped make me so much more productive. INK for All also gives notes on tweaks to make for ranking improvements.

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