React Lesson 11. Pt.2: Redux Middlewares

In this lesson, we will learn about middlewares in Redux. We will understand what are they, how we can create one and how to use it in our app.


React Lesson 11. Pt.1: Normalize Comments with Immutable.js

Our previous lesson was devoted to a more convenient way of how to write reducers using seamless APIs to add/remove elements and not to worry about any processes to be changed in between.


Filtering, Sorting and Pagination – Advanced Filtering with React and Redux

With static sites becoming more common, the need for filtering, sorting, and pagination on the frontend alone has never been more apparent. With React and Redux, implementing these features is simple.


Getting Started with React Native in 2020

This post is going to be about giving you a quick start if you are interested in learning and developing mobile apps using React Native. Few fair advantages for developers from web background.


Advanced Mapmaking: Using d3, d3-scale and d3-zoom With Changing Data to Create Sophisticated Maps

Working with data has become more important than ever, and at the forefront of this revolution is D3. Today exlore how to leverage d3 together with d3-scale and d3-zoom to create sophisticated maps.

Category: JavaScript

React Lesson 10: Normalize Data with Immutable.js

Let's explore how to work with data. We've used a denormalized structure for displaying our articles so far. Now, we'll normalize the data.


Create simple POS with React, Node and MongoDB #5: Setup ReCaptcha and define CORS

In this chapter, we will continue from our previous chapters by discussing how to setup ReCaptcha and set up CORS. After publishing our backend and frontend, the first thing that should be considered


Building a Simple CLI Youtube Video Downloader in NodeJS

Not all applications need a dedicated GUI. Command Line Apps can save you a lot of time and effort if chosen for the right applications. This guide introduces you to how to build one in NodeJS.


How to Create a Personal Blogging Website: Front-End (Angular) #2

In this article, we are going to create the client-side part of the personal blogging website using Angular. 


React Lesson 9: Homework Lesson 8

Hey all! Today we will start our lesson with your home task and see what data should be kept in store and what -- in the state of the components.


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