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CloseCross is the first fully decentralized derivatives platform.

Up until now, most popular means of executing opinion based value-trading has been stock/commodity trading, CFDs or options trading.


CloseCross opens up the massive financial derivatives market to the public giving them easy access to peer-to-peer derivative trading platform without any need for deep financial knowledge.

ARE YOU AN ASPIRING CRYPTO TRADER? - Use CloseCross to get a feel for the action-packed market of derivatives trading, with the security of our risk-reward balancing algorithms.

ARE YOU FINANCIAL TRADER CURIOUS LOOKING FOR A NEW CHALLENGE? - Step into the crypto world and put your knowledge of financial markets and trends to the test in a new peer-to-peer, crypto-powered paradigm.

CloseCross cuts out the extra cost of value-trading, reduces risk and puts traders in control as they navigate the intellectual maze of derivatives!