DeansList, Inc.

DeansList, Inc.

DeansList, Inc.

Location pinUnited States, New York, New york
TagHigher Education/Acadamia
User5-10 employees

DeansList is a student information platform for modern schools. Unlike exiting tools, which primarily only track grade, DeansList provides comprehensive tools for schools to focus on the critical non-academic side of learning. Specifically, DeansList makes it easy for schools to:

• improve school communication with families – (i.e. texts and e-mails that let parents know how their kids are doing and when they’re falling behind)

• reinforce social-emotional and character skills (leadership, diligence, resourcefulness, etc.)

• improve communication and collaboration between teachers

• automate documentation and compliance

Our mission is to give schools modern software that makes their teams more efficient and more effective, by putting the info teachers really want at their fingertips. We work with incredible schools that are changing education opportunities for low-income and under-served communities.