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At Float, we believe that delivering great work begins with smart planning. Float is a visual resource planner for collaborative teams. Since 2012, we’ve been helping the world’s top teams including R/GA, BuzzFeed, and Deloitte plan their projects and schedule their teams time. Our customers have scheduled and delivered over 5.5 million tasks, in more than 150 countries.

We’re a fully remote team operating from all corners of the globe, and are committed to providing a resource scheduling tool that is visual, flexible, fast, and reliable. And because we know that most projects don’t go to plan, we’ve built a solution that can handle change and is always in sync. With Float, your team always knows who’s available and what they’re working on, so you can plan your projects and schedule your resources with accuracy.

Our mission:

We believe in keeping it simple.

We serve all our customers equally.

We strive for continuous improvement.

We choose security over reckless growth.

Our customers are our only stakeholders.