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Gathi Analytics

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User20-50 employees

Delivering True Value of Enterprise Data

Enterprises spent millions of dollars and enormous resources in building vast, complex data stores in support of their MIS reporting and decision support engines in past 20 years. TCO of Data Footprint is growing at 30% YOY.

Gathi's Data Framework and solutions offer speed to market, reduction in cost, compliance, decision velocity and self-service. This will lead to freeing up time of Analysts for analysis rather than in preparing data .

Speed combined with Quality provides Momentum to Data

We provide our Enterprise Customers with the agility to implement changes faster using our customized and portable big data solutions. We ensure consistent and faster data availability that makes business more involved and empowered.

Discover and Turn your Data into Actionable Insights

Our suite of ready to configure Data Models, Frameworks, Micro Services combined with highly experienced team of data professionals - provide transformative insights to our customers

Gathi Unified Data Platform, our comprehensive data roadmaps, will have all your data curated, integrated, standardized in a way that helps any data-driven project successful.