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IdeaFeX is the marketplace for tokenized investment assets.

Tokenization of assets on distributed ledgers opens for innovative manners to elementary handle and track assets; it also allows to practically fractionate and manage valuable objects that were not previously easily isolable or accountable for.

We envision that tokenization of assets on DLTs is to become a privileged format for establishing property and tracking transactions of these assets. 

From there, in a projected ecosystem of financing and asset management powered by DLTs, it looks evident that a strong demand will emerges for some sort of an Amazon for atomic investment vehicles, able as well to facilitate the creation and handling of financially meaningful DLT tokens. IdeaFeX wants to propose just that: a marketplace where investors and diverse kind of token holders or fundraisers will meet and conduct business.

Currently, we are working on our prototype, which is targeted for release by early 2019.

The topic is passionating, and we are excited to thrive to bring it to life :)

Join us!

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