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The broadcast sector faces a maze of challenges as the entire media industry becomes increasingly competitive in a digital age.

The existing paradigm of different ‘appliance’ based products from multiple manufacturers creates layers of complexity which are expensive to purchase, difficult to maintain, hard to integrate and need specialist staff to operate.

It was due to the frustrations of these inefficient workflows that nxtedition was born, taking a rather unconventional route which utilises the latest in web technologies and re-purposes them within a broadcast environment.

nxtedition virtulizes these ‘appliance’ products (prompters, newsroom control systems, automation, media asset management, transcoding, video playback/record, graphics systems, etc.) and creates microservices to provide virtual instances of these ‘appliances’.

The core ethos of nxtedition is to plan, write, edit, playout and archive productions within a single consolidated system where the focus is purely on storytelling and not the underlying technology.

The nxtedition system is a state-of-the-art digital broadcast system that fully automates the entire video production process. It includes software modules to manage for example scripts, prompters, graphics and video play-out, media asset management, editing and distribution.

The system can be used to create productions and clips both easily and cost effectively. Practically all software and hardware on the market can be integrated into the system and automated.

The created video content can be exported for use on traditional broadcast platforms as well as websites, apps and social media.