Location pinUnited States, California, San francisco
TagComputer Software/Engineering
User1-5 employees

At Telos.AI, we are developing new tools and practices for the workplace just as much as we’re interested in building software. Currently one of the Berkeley SkyDeck cohort teams (spring 19).

Our first product is a visual knowledge management tool that is useful to both humans and AI. This is not only a technical challenge, but an abstract one that deals with the transition from legacy knowledge management practices (files on an HDD, cloud docs, PPTs) to futuristic interactive visual tools like Telos.AI. We’re looking for people interested in this transition just as much as they are interested in coding.

Our product utilizes cutting-edge machine learning tech like NLP and word2vec as well as mainstream tech (WebGL canvas, ElasticSearch, etc.). We’ve also developed in-house ML tech that would interest any NLP fanatic. One example of a technical solution we designed is a way to translate words (even abstract ones like 'innovate', 'gravity', etc.) into glyphs to aid users when drawing. This is the kind of work you can expect at Telos.AI.

As for culture, our company is looking for people that are interested in pioneering the future of the workplace. Ultimately we think so many of today's tools and practices are relics of the pre-digital age, we went from paper documents to digital equivalents, to cloud versions of those digital equivalents -- hardly ever thinking to fundamentally change how we work with today's compute power and technology in mind. Moreover, what's possible in the future workplace? Maybe no workplace at all? (completely decentralized VR?) We think bringing about this workplace revolution will be difficult but we're super excited and hope to bring on people that are just as excited about it too.