Location pinDenmark, Copenhagen
TagInformation Technology/IT
User20-50 employees

Trendsales is an online marketplace for buying and selling 2nd-hand items.

Through our apps on iOS, Android and the web, we make it convenient for sellers to list their used items and easy for buyers to find what they are looking for. This is the discovery part of our marketplace.

To facilitate all purchases, we have built an end-to-end payment, shipping and insurance solution that is secure and fast for both sellers and buyers.

Buyers are protected all the way from making the initial payment until after they have received their items. We even have an entire support team on standby!

Sellers receive their money right after they have handed in their package for shipment. No address needed. Just a shipping code provided through the app. Sellers can also enable "Buy now" on their listings, making it even easier to sell.

The is the transactional part of our platform and the core of our business.

At Trendsales, we are committed to making 2nd the preferred way of shopping. Every day we work on making it ever cheaper and more convenient for buyers and sellers – good for our users and for the planet.

We love to have fun. Not teenage-giggly fun, not dad-joke-fun. We just like to challenge the pretentious fashion industry and support our users in pushing the boundaries for fashion and free them from dress code dogmas. We want them to find their own unique style using our great platforms and flea markets. We applaud everyone who chooses a more sustainable way of shopping and we do our part as a company. We are a team of about 40 passionate product-, support- and marketing professionals and we can't wait to hear from you.