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XCHG is the global marketplace for data-driven, ESG-inclusive products, and the platform for redefining value based on immutable information—we prove provenance so commodities can be valued according to their full life-cycle story. We empower market participants to value energy, carbon, and water in an information-rich, resource-constrained world. Our platform is composed of three components:

XMarkets: Connects multiple registries with a diverse set of ESG-centric spot markets, matching buyers and sellers in frictionless exchange and eliminating counterparty risk.

- CBL Markets provides access to the world’s energy and environmental markets.

- Aviation Carbon Exchange (ACE) is a partnership between CBL and IATA to provide a marketplace for emissions-compliance obligations under CORSIA.

- H2OX supports efficient, transparent trading of water entitlements and allocations in Australian water markets.

XContext: Correlates primary production information with external data to create a Proof of State™, an immutable record for each physical commodity that can be configured into an infinite array of digital ESG assets.