Eugene K.

Eugene K.

Senior Software Engineer

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Russian Federation

Eugene is a Senior Full-Stack developer with more than 15 years of experience in programming. He specializes in building complex software solutions using Angular, React.js/Redux, and Node.js. Eugene prefers REST API-based architechture for apps developing. He is a smart and trustworthy developer, fluent in English and ready to bring his extensive experience to your project.


  • Angular
  • React
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • MongoDB


Soshace, Russian Federation

Senior Software Engineer

June 2018 to December 2020


Stack: JavaScript, React.js, Redux, Angular.js, Angular 2, Node.js, Express.js, Mongo DB, PostgreSQL


- Developing new user-facing features;

- Optimizing components for maximum performance across a vast array of web-capable devices and browsers;

- Integrating with existing backend services and creating new services;

- Working with version control systems.

Luminati Networks Ltd

JavaScript Developer

January 2018 to May 2017

Stack: Angular JS, React, NodeJS, Mongodb, Graphite


- UI refactoring, convert Angular to React; 

- UI experiments to increase conversion.

Atom Security - StaffcopAtom Security - Staffcop

JavaScript/Python Developer

January 2016 to January 2018

Stack: Angular JS, Rxjs, Ionic, Python, Django, PostgreSQL


- Developing administration part of enterprise security product, that is hybrid UI and backend;

- UI refactoring, preparing migration to Angular 2+;

- Implement Webpack, SCSS, Babel integration;

- Developing reporting features such as charts, tables, dashboards; dealing with big data;

- Assisting with math issues related to machine learning (anomaly detection, stamp recognition).


JavaScript Developer

January 2015 to January 2016

Stack: Angular 2, Typescript, nodejs, expressjs, mongodb, gulp, Google Maps


- Developed Uber-like web application for beauty services;

- Designed and created a RESTful API using NodeJS and MongoDb;

- Implemented module and e2e test;

- Implemented automatic deployment tasks using Gulp and Webpack;

- Developed highly responsive scalable web applications using Node.js, Express.js;

- Designed a MongoDB database;

- Created one-page apps with Angular5;

- Used material-design;

- Used Typescript and OOP;

- Google Map API.

Bitluck Software

JavaScript Developer

January 2012 to January 2015

Stack: Angular JS, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Grunt, Gulp


- Developed and integrated a payment system for software based on blockchain, such as Bitcoin;

- Developing dynamic web application for online gambling;

- Developed highly responsive scalable web applications using Node.js, Express.js;

- Designed a MongoDB database;

- Developing SPA using Angular.js;

- Created a RESTful API using NodeJS and MongoDb;

- Defined new components for improved user experience on the site;

- Implemented module and e2e tests;

- Implemented automatic deployment tasks using Grunt and Gulp;

Moduleworks Gmbh

Software Engineer C++

January 2004 to January 2015

Stack: Visual Studio, C++, STL, Boost, OpenGL


- Working with other developers to build CAM solutions;

- Investigating software problems identified in testing or via Support & providing solutions; Assisting in the resolution of software support issues;

- Working on UI, 3d graphics, developing new algorithms and components;

- Implementation of new features and demonstrating them;

- Investigating software problems identified with testing or via Support, and providing solutions or assisting in resolution of software support issues;

- Identifying and analyze performance bottlenecks and rectifying them;

- Technical design and documentation of new applications.


Software Engineer C++/C#

January 2002 to January 2011

Stack: Visual Studio, C++, C#, SQL Server, ObjectArx


- Working on CAE software as senior programmer;

- Contributing to both the requirements and technical aspects of any development specification;

- Participating in requirements gathering, demonstrating software prototypes, technical sales presentations, customer training;

- Working on UI, 2d and 3d graphics, developing calculations algorithms;

- Integrating with popular CAD software such as Autocad;

- Designing architecture of software and components;

- Unit testing of all new code, functional testing;

- Technical design and documentation of new applications;

- Involvement in analysis and design meetings;

- Responsible for requirements capture, design, coding, testing, installation;

- Providing support & maintenance of existing software;

- Acting as a conduit between the business, clients and developers.


Master of Mathematics, Novosibirsk State University

Russian Federation