Ian B.

Ian B.

Full-Stack Developer

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Ian is professional full-stack engineer, he has rich experience with Java, and such frameworks as Spring, Spring Data, ORM Hibernate, Jooq, database engines like MySQL, MongoDB, search engine ElasticSearch, TDD approach, clean architecture, Akka, Kafka, ReactJs, TypeScript. Ian is communicative and detail-oriented, he always provides clean, testable, efficient code and quality solutions using best software development practices. He worked with Agile teams, with code reviews and GIT workflow. Ian is also fond of hight scalabilty applications development.


  • Java
  • React
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB


Soshace, Russia

Full-stack developer

Web-site: http://soshace.com

Skills: Java, Spring, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Heroku, JavaScript, React.js, React-Native


- Web applications development

Language practice application

Full-stack developer

Skills: Spring, React-native, Reactjs, MySQL, Git, Akka, Apache Kafka;


- Implementing personal experience in learning foreign languages.

Bifit, Russia

Java developer

Web-site: www.bifit.com

Skills: Java, Spring framework, JavaScript, Typescript, jQuery


- Enhancing main company product iBank2( https://ibank2.ru ): I did refactoring, fixed bugs, added new functionality.

Head science innovation integration center, Russia

Back-End developer

Web-site: www.gnivc.ru

Skills: Java, Spring, PostgreSQL, Hibernate ORM, Jooq, Jackson


- Service oriented architecture - create services, XML/JSON API.

Miiix, Russia

Back-End developer, Team Lead

Web-site: http://miiix.org

Skills: PHP, MySQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB


- Core company product from scratch. Design, optimization. SAAS;

- gathering all incoming data mostly from XML and csv files;

- merging its data by titles and characteritics;

- providing this data using API to clients.

- developing and maintaining hight availability;

- participating  employees hiring process, conduct technical interviews;

- being team lead for 5 people team.

Flight inspections and systems, Russia

Software Engineer

Web-site: www.lps-aero.com

Skills: PHP( CodeCeption, Zend framework 1/2 и CodeIgniter 2, Symfony 2, Yii1/2), Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, jQuery, Google maps


- Developing internal company CRM from scratch( statistical reports, API, google-map integration, client profiles, etc.). Gathering product specification.


Master of Computer Science, National Research University of Electronic Technology


Bachelor of Computer Science, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan