Front-End Developer

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$30 /hr
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Oleg is an experienced Front End Engineer, working in Web Development for the last 4 years. He is passionate about Javascript and believes that this language has changed the programming world. 
He loves using React with Redux as a Front-End Framework and Express as a Back-End.
He keeps on learning every day and tests a lot of new technologies on his home projects.  It helps him keep up with rapidly changing Javascript Eco System.
Oleg is an awesome team player, who will always ship well-commented, easily understandable and maintainable high-quality code.


  • React
  • D3
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • CSS


Soshace, Saint-Petersburg

Full-Stack Web

January 2017 to Present

Creacting complicated SPA using MERN stack and D3. A lead Full-Stack developer on a Pro Well Plan project. Creating complicated D3 visualizations in a modern React applications.


Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) , Saint Petersburg State University

Saint-Petersburg , Russia


Russia, Saint Petersburg, Bolshaya Monetnaya Street, 16, office 530, Business Center “Bolshaya Monetnaya, 16”


skype: branikita