Alexey K.

Alexey K.

Full Stack Developer

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Russian Federation

Alexey is a skilled Full Stack JavaScript Developer. He has been working in the computer software industry for over 14 years. Alexey can build effective and scalable architecture for any complex application. He prefers to work with React + Node stack, since it is fast, scalable, has the biggest community and a lot of open-source components.

He also leads a non-profit for teaching children in local schools on how to code. Their program is based on Javascript and focused on giving the children professional web development skills. The aim is to let children start earning money even before they graduate from school – as a way to solve poverty in local Russian villages.


  • Javascript
  • React
  • CSS
  • Node.js


Freelance, Remote

Full Stack developer

September 2018 to Present


  • Client-side: React + Redux + MaterialUI,
  • Server-side: Node.js + koa + knex + PostgreSQL.


  • Projected the system and built minimalistic UX;
  • Managed other freelancers (distributing tasks, performing code-review);
  • Crested the core and main features.

A Financial Company, Russian Federation


August 2013 to October 2018


  • Client-side: [new version]: React, Redux, MaterialUI, CSS-IN-JS, Webpack
  • [old version]: Angular, SCSS, Grunt,
  • Server-side: Node.js, microservices, docker-swarm, sails.js, koa, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Сouchbase, kue.js.


  • Gathered the team of 4 developers to build the system from scratch;
  • Organized scrum pipeline with daily meetings, code-reviews, and poker planning;
  • Projected the architecture of the whole system;
  • Implemented key features.

Rocket Science Academy, Russian Federation

Frontend Lead

September 2011 to August 2013


  • Client-side: Backbone, jQuery, Less,
  • TServer-side: PHP, Bitrix.


  • Implemented the new design of the website;
  • Implemented some simple projects for other Agency's clients.

A Platform for Creating and Maintaining Browser Extensions, Russian Federation

Senior Web Developer

April 2010 to May 2011


  • Client-side: XUL (language of firefox extensions), C++, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS


  • Implemented the extensions for different browser platforms (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer). Every extension used the main core logic and the adapter for implementing specific browser extension requirements.

An Educational Company, Russian Federation

Product Lead and Developer

July 2008 to February 2010


  • Client-side: JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX,
  • Server-side: PHP, MySQL.


  • Led one of the company venture products as a product manager and development team lead. The project was a game for learning English online, later acquired by LinguaLeo.

Yandex, Russian Federation

Web Developer

October 2005 to May 2008


  • Microsoft Visual C++


  • Created the Internet Explorer plugin for Yandex Photo service from scratch;
  • Implemented some features for the Yandex DesktopSearch product.


Degree in Engineering, Vyatka State University

September 1998 to June 2004

Russian Federation