Alexey K.

Alexey K.

Frontend React developer

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Russian Federation

Alexey has over 9 years of experience in the development of enterprise-level solutions. Being engaged in the development of Backend and Frontend solutions, he has an experience in building flexible and productive solutions with specialization in Single Page Applications and microservice architecture.

He was in charge of the development of the Electronic Atlas of Moscow, participated in the development of a new generation E-Commerce modular platform.

He is ready to offer high-quality and productive solutions for your projects.


  • React
  • CSS


Premier IFE, Russian Federation

Senior Full-stack engineer

November 2017 to Present


  • React,
  • Redux,
  • TypeScript,
  • .NET Core.


  • Together with the team, implementing the API and Front administrative portal for managing media sets, with a focus on working with large downloads;
  • From scratch, developed a client portal in a mobile-first manner, taking into account pixel-perfect requirements at different device resolutions, developed an advanced video playback solution that allows you to play DRM-protected content;
  • Designed and developed from scratch a solution on .NET Core for orchestrating docker containers. Taking into account the parallel downloads of media sets of up to 4GB on 10 servers for aircraft, and specific requirements for deployment configuration, the use of standard solutions like Docker Compose, was not enough.

Restream, Russian Federation

Senior Frontend Developer

May 2017 to August 2017


  • React, 
  • Redux,
  • TypeScript,
  • PostCSS,
  • Gulp, Bazel.


  • Implemented redux / react-redux analogs from scratch on TypeScript;
  • Designed and developed a solution from scratch to a working prototype based on React, TypeScript, and PostCSS using Gulp and Bazel for stable, fast and reproducible builds.

Frumatic, Russian Federation

Senior Frontend Developer

January 2017 to May 2017


  • React,
  • ES6,
  • Webpack,
  • Crowdin for i18n



  • Developed email templates management system from scratch;
  • Reworked base components from scratch to get stable and productive code;
  • Implemented custom HTML5 video player;
  • Fixed over 100 minor issues.

FoxCommerce, United States

Software Engineer

January 2016 to November 2011


  • React,
  • Go,
  • ElasticSearch,
  • Google Cloud,
  • AWS.


  • Developed a custom UI solution for a flexible search of clients according to the available data from ElasticSearch;
  • Developed flexible table building components for ReactJS with the ability to connect plugins;
  • Deployed a platform for the first 2 clients to Google Cloud and AWS respectively;
  • Redesigned and optimized the packaging of system component images for GCE / AWS and developed a hybrid solution to simplify the development of the development environment (developed components are deployed locally, the rest are deployed in the cloud).

GetGoing, United States

JavaScript Developer

September 2015 to March 2016


  • React,
  • Marionette.


  • Improved data flow in the project;
  • Updated and structured the level of interaction with the server in the React application;
  • Translated many application screens to React with Marionette.

SPC Rekod

Web Team Lead

December 2014 to December 2015


  • ExtJS,
  • ASP.NET,
  • OpenLayers v3.8.


  • Developed a multifunctional cartographic platform that allows viewing various data sets in one place, aggregate data and forming analytics. The solution is written on ExtJS 6 and OpenLayers v3.8;
  • Examples of platform features:

- Editing data sets,

- Creating and importing data sets,

- Flexible visualization of data sets,

- Ample opportunities to customize the appearance of the portal,

- Flexible analytics based on spatial filters.

Geocentre-Consulting, Russian Federation

Web Team Lead

May 2012 to November 2014


  • JavaScript,
  • Yii2,
  • SOAP.


  • Development of multifunctional feedback system, aimed at user's interaction with the company's cartographic resources. The system allowed editing map's layers and objects, allowing users to easily send corrections for cartographic data;
  • Development of city's scaled atlas, intended for presentation of open municipal datasets on the map and some interaction with them. Project is;
  • The app is integrated with tens of different municipal services, like transport monitoring, traffic jams, and public request to municipal organizations. Most services' integration is based on SOAP protocol;
  • Developed JS-framework and Components' library for Yii2 for using in those projects.

Easy IT, Russian Federation

Senior Web Developer

August 2011 to May 2012


  • PHP,
  • JavaSript,
  • jQuery,
  • MySQL,
  • PostgreSQL


  • Development of site generation system, allowed constructing satellite sites with unique source code, basing on DB of structural elements and texts.


M.S. in Information Technology, Smolensk branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute

September 2005 to July 2010

Russian Federation