Alireza Y.

Alireza Y.

Python/Django Backend Developer

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Turkey, Istanbul

Alireza is a software engineer with a strong background in designing enterprise systems and developing in different areas, his main professional skills are Python and Django.


  • Python
  • Django
  • MySQL


Information Technology Company

Team Lead and Senior Software Engineer

July 2017 to Present


  • Python, Django, 
  • JavaScript, Node.js, 
  • SQLAlchemy, MariaDB, Level Db, Redis, 
  • Git, Apache Kafka, Zookeeper, 
  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery, 
  • KnockoutJs, ReactJs, Redux

I am the technical team leader and the senior software developer at the biggest ICT Company in the Middle East.


  • Leading the development team and writing code as a senior developer in the customer club project. Using Python, Django, MariaDB, Django rest framework, JavaScript, OIDC, and JWT.
  • Participating in Development of the BSS (business support system) as the technical team leader, scrum master and senior developer. This system includes one backend and two front ends.
  • Architect and senior developer of the Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Architect and senior developer of Cloud Messaging System
  • Architect and senior developer of Electronic customer care system
  • Improving the old system’s performance by refactoring and optimization.
  • Setting up continuous integration and continuous delivery on Gitlab.

Web Development Company

Software Developer

November 2015 to July 2017


  • Python, Django, 
  • MariaDB, Django rest framework, 
  • JavaScript, ReactJs, Redux


  • Designing and implementing of Shatoot application, a web application to supply and distribute goods and services on the internet

Healthcare Company

Web Developer

May 2014 to November 2015


  • C#, ASP.Net MVC, Entity Framework, 
  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, 
  • JQuery, KnockoutJs, ExtJs


  • Designing and developing some parts of hospital’s clinical governance system


Software Developer

July 2011 to Present


  • Python, Django, 
  • Celery, Docker, 
  • RabbitMQ, Gunicorn, 
  • MariaDB, 
  • Node.js, JavaScript, MSSQL Server,
  • SocketIO, Selenium, Nginx


  • Leading face recognition project for Datis Company;
  • Designing and developing an integration system for Telegram and Instagram;
  • Designing and developing a system for controlling surveillance Cameras through Telegram;
  • Designing and developing many web applications and web sites;
  • Designing and developing a Telegram bot for decreasing internet access charge;
  • Web scraping and gathering data through the Internet;


MSc of Computer Science, Shahid Beheshti University

September 2011 to July 2013

BSc of Computer Science, Golestan University

September 2006 to July 2010