Hakan K.

Hakan K.

Data Science/NLP developer

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Turkey, Istanbul

Hakan is NLP research and machine learning engineer. Mainly focused on NLP research and development. Eager to learn different technologies like Blockchain, web frameworks.


  • Python
  • Statistics


Telecommunications company, Turkey, Istanbul

AI Researcher NLP

October 2021 to Present


  • Natural Language Processing (NLP),
  • PyTorch,
  • BERT,
  • Deep Learning,
  • Machine Learning
  • Node.js


  • Address tagging for Turkish and Arabic (CRF, Bi-LSTM, transformers).
  • Candidate Generation for Turkish, choose the best candidate via greedy search algorithm.
  • Java Development.

Bank, Turkey, Istanbul

Data Scientist

May 2021 to October 2021


  • SAS (Programming Language),
  • Python,
  • SQL,
  • Data Science


  • IFRS Risk Optimization Project Data Preparation Assistance.
  • Small Business Segment Project by Random Forest Classifier and XGBoostIFRS.

Software Development Company, Turkey, Istanbul

Machine Learning Engineer

January 2020 to May 2021


  • Natural Language Processing (NLP),
  • Machine Learning,
  • Python,
  • SQL.


  • NLP,
  • AutoComplete,
  • SpellChecker,
  • Text Classification, (next word prediction)
  • Diagnostic Analytics,
  • Time Series Forecasting Built the backend with serverless Node.js connecting RDS in AWS;

Insurance Company, Turkey, Istanbul

Technical Analysis Research and Development Assistant Specialist


  • Presentation Skills,
  • SQL,
  • Data Analysis,
  • Microsoft Excel Express.


  • Predictive analysis of customer retention and policy renewal counts.
  • Using Machine Learning linear regression model, predicting and scoping the income.
  • Monthly analysis and reporting products of motor insurance department.
  • Regular monitoring profitability and its reporting to management.
  • Adjusting ‘base premiums’, ‘coefficients of vehicle technical features’ (like model, HP, vehicle price) based on analysis with management approval.
  • Optimizing the premium from customer to customer.
  • Reporting and comparing all companies in the market by their total premium, total policy number and average premium and its breakdown by city, type of vehicle etc. Developed the backend with Node.js connecting to Google Cloud storage.

Bank, Turkey, Istanbul

Credit Analysis Assistant Specialist

August 2017 to June 2018


  • Presentation Skills,
  • SQL,
  • Data Analysis,
  • Microsoft Excel Node.js.


  • Preparation of the regular reports to Credit Risk Management Committee such as classification changes of the portfolio and changes in risk breakdown by classification; rating/scoring override caps and numbers.
  • Monitoring utilization exceptions and verifying their compliance with the Credit Policy and Bank's risk appetite.
  • Monitoring the application of the discussed action plans at Credit Risk Management Committee to ensure sound credit portfolio and reporting outcomes to the Top Management.
  • Regular Credit Policy monitoring and presentation of outcomes.
  • Preparing ad-hoc analysis and reports to Credits EVP and head of business line (eg. Risk weighted average PD analysis of the Bank).
  • Monthly analysis of top 100 companies having highest exposures in the Credit Portfolio.
  • Monitoring the compliance of the sector concentration limits determined in bank risk appetite for all risk types.
  • Monitoring and reporting limits allocated for counterparty banks.
  • Supporting other business lines in terms of data analysis of credit portfolio.
  • Performance analysis of the Credit Authorities based on NPL ratios, quality of credit decisions, number of approved credits and total limit size Did QA for the front-end deliverable from dev team.
  • Built front-end pages for internal admin features.


Master's degree, Artificial Intelligence, Bahcesehir University

September 2022 to Present

Istanbul, Turkey

Bachelor's degree, Matematik, Middle East Technical University

September 2010 to September 2014

Ankara, Turkey