Saif Q.

Saif Q.

Full Stack (React+Node.js) Web Developer

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Pakistan, Lahore

Saif is a software developer who loves to experiment and explore the world of development. He is a Full Stack Web Developer with 4 years of experience with Javascript and Node.js, and 3 years - with React. Also, he is experienced in Mobile App Development. Saif is always ready to embrace new experiences and ideas and wants to learn as many things as possible within this short beautiful life. He has been working as a freelancer on various platforms (Fiverr, Upwork).


  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • React
  • Vue.js
  • Node.js


Internet technologies, United Kingdom

Full Stack Developer (remote short-term contract)


  • React,
  • React native,
  • Android,
  • IOS.


  • Work with the technologies like graphQl, Mongo, Apollo, Node.js, React.js and TypeScript
  • Develop/ship features on weekly basis.

B2B Marketplace, United Kingdom

Lead Mobile Application Developer (remote short-term contract)


  • Node.js, 
  • React.js,
  • TypeScript, 
  • GraphQl, 
  • MongoDB, 


  • Implement new features, Managing Sprints, Remedying bugs, Application profiling and performance improvements;
  • Requirement Gathering, Making Improvements using Customer Feedback, Product forecasting and management.

Software Development, United States

Lead Software Developer (remote)


  • Node.js, 
  • Coffescript, 
  • Postgres, 
  • React-Native, 
  • Backbone.js, 
  • Python, 
  • Flask, 
  • Grunt / Ansible.


  • Full-stack development with Node.js, Coffeescript, Python, Backbone & Postgres SQL DB API development on Node.js and Python - Flask along with the chat module on KOA web sockets;
  • Frontend development on Backbone.js, implemented custom grids, data validation/transformation, and lifecycle;
  • Work with ansible scripts for AWS server deployment purposes & used grunt for front end code deployment;
  • Build the Freelancing Nursing Platform Application for IOS/Android on React Native from scratch with unit testing;
  • Redesign the admin portal and built the backend API from requirement gathering to prototype to Beta Release.

Freelance, United States

Software Engineer/ UI/UX Designer/ Graphic Designer (remote)


  • Node.js, 
  • React Native, 
  • MongoDB, 
  • Redis, 
  • Wordpress.


  • Full-stack development using server-side rendering (EJS templating) with Node.js/MongoDB;
  • Manage Direct and Group Chat with firebase, implement IPC with Redis to synchronize data between Processes;
  • Develop Android/IOS application using React Native and publish on Apple and Google play store;
  • Create Website Scraper to Scrape products from e-commerce stores as well to fetch data dynamically from biding/Sports websites;
  • Design UI/UX for Android application on adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop;
  • Develop various android applications like video Player, Video downloader, instant Chat and Ecommerce Apps;
  • WordPress eCommerce store development.


Bachelor Degree in Computer Sciences, Government College University

Lahore, Pakistan


Investment App
Investment App

Role: Managing the development lifecycle of the whole product and working as a Project Lead Developer at Aghaz Invest along with the small team working at an ultra-fast pace. 

Completed tasks:

  • Continuous changes and improvement to the Application;
  • Created Signup Portal for the user;
  • Improved admin portal experience;
  • Shifted website to next.js for improved SEO and performance.


  • Improved the deployment strategies for the release of new features using the code deploy and build pipelines.
  • Improved efficiency of the project

I worked as a front-end mobile developer making up the react native app and building the AWS lambda Express.js server connecting to RDS for the restaurant location.

Technologies used:
Node.js, React, React Native
B2B Marketplace
B2B Marketplace

Role: Leading the Mobile application team at Hopprfy. Managing the task and sprints, optimization and new feature integrated into the product,

Managing the Lifecycle of application from the development to deployment.

Fixing bugs and migrating the UI to the latest Version

Completed tasks:

  • Build the application so we can take it fast to the incubation for funding;
  • Fixing the out-of-memory leaks.


  • refactored the whole app and improved the design added multiple modules.
Technologies used:
React, React Native
Envoy Mobile
Envoy Mobile

Role: Write the whole application from scratch in react native at AssuredRn;

Develop the admin portal in backbone.js;

Develop the backend in node.js;

Write the auth/Chat module in node.js in cluster mode;

Optimize database using the indexing and optimizing SQL quires for Postgress and powerB;

Redesign the patient/pharmacy portal;

Work with the domain-specific language;

Use ansible and grunt task runner for deployments.

Completed tasks: 

  • Migrate all the demons from flask python to node.js;
  • Build the chat module;
  • Migrate the auth module;
  • Migrate the application to react from backbone;
  • Build the mobile application in react native;
  • Redesign patient/pharmacy portal.


  • Get promoted three times in 1.5 years from junior to senior developer.
Technologies used:
React, React Native, Node.js, Python