Ilia D.

Ilia D.

React Native Engineer

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Serbia, Novi Sad

Ilia is a passionate React Native and iOS developer with a huge web-development background. He was involved in Web-development since 2000 including PHP with various CMS and Frameworks, Javascript with jQuery and EmberJS framework, Flash/Actionscript and databases.

Since 2015 he had changed his specialization to the mobile development. Since that time he has been working on Objective-C and React Native projects for customers from USA, Denmark, and Russia.

Ilia is a detail-oriented developer that always provides clean and neat, easy testable code and quality solutions.


  • React Native
  • React
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Node.js
  • MySQL

Experience, Remote

React Native Engineer

January 2018 to December 2018

Project: Lix reader app (iOS/MacOS/Win)

Stack: React Native, React Native Web, Electron, Javascript ES6, Babel,

ESLint, XCode, Redux, Axios, Flow, Jest, Spectron.


  • Service Workers layer for iOS/MacOS/Windows
  • Book download subsystem controlled by Redux Sagas.
  • Setup UI e2e testing with Spectron.
  • A lot of UI oriented tasks and bugfixes.
  • Forced ESlint as code quality tool for the tea

Atlantis United LLC., Remote

React Native Developer/App architect

Project: Blockchain wallet mobile app

Stack: React Native, Javascript ES6, Babel, ESLint, XCode, Redux, Axios,

react-navigation, GraphQL, GIT.


  • I had designed whole app structure using React Native and Redux.
  • I made all required components with help of JS/JSX according to
  • design.

EPAM System, Remote

iOS Developer

September 2017 to December 2017

Project: Sberbank mobile app. Brokerage module for Sberbank mobile app

Stack: Objective-C, xCode, GIT, XCTest.


  • Wrote some Unit Tests.
  • Improving code for brokerage module.
  • Wrote some UI and networking code.

Project: EPAM’s external frontend lab

EPAM external frontend lab is educating course for students from local

universities. We are teaching them JS/HTML/HTTP. The best students will be allowed to

study at an internal lab with the following practice/work in EPAM. I’m responsible for input

interview scheduling, list of interview questions and education plan. I’m also in charge of

searching for people who will teach students., Remote

React Native Developer/App architect

July 2017 to September 2017

Project: Sberbank Idea app

Stack: React Native, Javascript ES6, Babel, ESLint, XCode, Redux, Axios.


  • I had designed whole app structure using React Native and Redux.
  • I wrote Redux middleware for Axios networking library as well as
  • middleware for mocking network requests.
  • I made all the required components according to design with help
  • of JSX.

EPAM System, Remote

React Native Developer, Consulting

June 2017 to August 2017

Project: SEC Events app (EPAM in-house)

Stack: React Native, Javascript ES6, Babel, Lint, XCode, Redux, react navigation.


  • I was mainly working on consulting junior RN coders from a different location.
  • I did some environment set up like code push Firebase and so on

Project: Radio Automation Software for Tablets

Stack: React Native, Javascript ES6, Babel, Lint, XCode, Redux, Jest.


  • Built many UI components and screens
  • Worked on bug fixing and performance issues.
  • Wrote some Unit Tests.

Project: Business card exchange service

Stack: SQLite+CoreData, XCode, Git, Zeplin, ObjC, CoreData, AFNetworking, Storyboards


  • Bugfixes and features implementation:
  • Login with social networks (XING, Linkedin)
  • Update Feed and Edit Profile screen implemented
  • Edit profile screen implementation and more

Elewise, Remote

iOS Developer

August 2015 to June 2016


  1. iPhone and iPad client for ELMA BPM system
  2. iPad client for ELMA KPI system

Stack: Objective-C, CoreData, MagicalRecords, PromiseKit, Promises, Networking, SQLite, Xcode, SourceTree, WhiteShark.


  • I developed a new functionality of iPhone client (user list, event
  • calendar, etc).
  • Developed local push services support for iPhone client (birthday
  • notifications,etc).
  • Optimized networking to be more robust and fail-proof.
  • Added localization support including downloadable localization files for language debugging.
  • Did a lot of bug fixing.
  • Managed development of outsourced Android client.

Mark /, Remote

Full Stack Web Software Developer

August 2015 to June 2016

Project: single page frontend client

Stack: Javascript ES6, Handlebars, CSS, HTML, EmberJS, GIT, Sublimetext.


  • Planning, architecting and coding of js client.
  • Networking engine with retry feature and message queue.
  • Designed and applied HTML template
  • Caching mechanism.
  • Proposals for updating API

Project: Mark-ITT

WiFi authorization interface for Mark FreeWiFi. The HTML page that appears on the top of

any web page requested by the client that is using Mark FreeWiFi.

A code was injected using a modifying proxy in the original page code. Used to show

banners from self-managing advertising network depending on wifi client location.

Stack: PHP, GIT, Sublimetext, Yii1 framework, MySQL


  • Project planning, development, and support.


Web Developer


Company site (using Bitrix CMS)

Multiple websites including:

Isabella Fashions NY

Afsoun (Flash frontend/PHP backend)

Adammarc Jewels

Stack: PHP, JS, HTML/CSS, Flash/ActiveScrip, Bitrix, Magento,

OSCommerce, Wordpress, Opencart, Yii1, EmberJ, Mysql, Photoshop,



  • Build HTML from PSD.
  • Created a template for CMS.
  • Opencart and especially OScommerce platforms were customized to fulfill customer needs.

Client: Realgamepoker

Project: Realgamepoker site used Yii1 framework with and gathered

online stats data from SOAP service.

Stack: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, GIT, mySQL and remote SOAP server.


  • I was a lead software engineer on this project. I was involved in the project after junior grade programmer made a mess instead of the project. The project was re-build project from scratch.
  • Three language internalization was performed

Client: Carlo Viani

Project: Online shop with Magento e-commerce CMS. Flash site (old

version) and HTML+JQuery (new version).

Stack: Flash, ActionScript, PHP, Magento, SQL, Javascript with JQuery,

Flash, SVN, Photoshop, MySQL


  • Build a flash site with PHP backend. Made HTML templates from PSD and build
  • HTML-based site. Build a Magento-based online shop