Interview with Igor Mikhalev

Hi! My name is Igor and I am Full-Stack Developer. I love coding, and it’s not just a work for me, but some kind of a lifestyle. I have an appropriate education in IT and a deep knowledge of OOP, Functional programming, and Software design patterns.

My current stack on a front-end side is React with Redux, Redux sagas or Redux Thunk for side effects, and React Router for routing. On a backend I use Node.js/Express  and PostgreSQL or MongoDB as a database. For testing I usually use Jest.

I like working on big projects, being part of a distributed team where I can make my contribution as well as gaining a new experience and knowledge. I have no problems working individually too. You can always expect high-quality results and clear communication. I would like to help you to reach your project’ goals. I am looking forward seeing your offers! Thank you, bye.

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