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Posted 11.02.2019
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Our co-founder and CTO Roland is looking for a software engineer to join the 10-strong Pan-European distributed development team.

You will work and grow together with very experienced practitioners of reactive and functional programming, contributing to our holistic application vision, and delivering features, literally to production. Together we will build applications solving real-world problems for factories, while pushing the boundaries of what’s technologically possible by using true decentralization. After 12 to 18 months you will become a master of distributed business logic as well and help grow the team further.

Your responsibilities:

  • You will refine and create distributed business logic based on event-sourcing and functional programming techniques
  • You will compose and wire up UI components to implement simple and intuitive user interfaces that facilitate complex interactions of man, machine, and material on the shop-floor
  • You will create, customize, operate, and maintain integrations to third-party enterprise software as well as sensors and machines on the factory shop-floor

In all of these tasks will you be accompanied by experienced colleagues while working in cross-functional project teams.

Our perfect match:

We seek an outstanding candidate, who is highly driven, smart, confident, and gritty. Our perfect match is hungry to learn and enjoys working in fast-paced environments.

  • You have a programming background, possibly with some open-source contributions to show; you consider languages, frameworks, and libraries as tools rather than religion
  • You have an affinity to distributed systems or IoT, expressed as university studies or hobby projects; you may also have explored functional or strongly typed programming languages
  • You love challenges and you have a roll-up-your-sleeves and get-stuff-done attitude
  • You have excellent analytical skills, work diligently, have great attention to detail and are able to consistently deliver results under pressure
  • You are fluent in business-level English.
  • You are living in an EU country.

Last but not least, when judging your fit for this position we will not consider your age, sex, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. as these are not relevant to your role in the team.

What we offer:

  • A unique opportunity to revolutionize the manufacturing industry, displace old-school software and have a tangible impact on the Actyx success story
  • High growth potential, learning from very experienced software engineers while solving today’s challenges with leading edge technology
  • A world-class multicultural team: we don’t just work together, we truly care about each other and seek to bring out the best in each other every day
  • If you need more private time to take care of your loved ones then we will try our best to accommodate their needs
  • A flexible and high pace work environment, with low hierarchies, competitive compensation and equity package

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Posted 11.02.2019