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Back End Developer

Posted 23.03.2021
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We're looking for a full-time developer to contribute to and maintain our database, write relevant code for our products, and help to architect solutions. This position is remote, so all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. 


  • Work closely with designers and testers to develop sustainable product platforms
  • Add to and maintain existing codebase
  • Communicate with technical and non-technical team members
  • Develop fixes under pressure as they arise
  • Create components that are flexible/scalable
  • Innovate novel solutions to complicated problems
  • Seamlessly migrate features from dev to production environments
  • Keep up-to-date on technology knowledge related to the product/space

Skills and Experience:

  • 1+ years of back end development
  • Excellent verbal/technical communication skills
  • Working knowledge of HTML, Javascript, CSS, MongoDB, Node.js, APIs, AWS, Lambda
  • Ability to work independently
  • Experience with continuous integration and continuous testing tools
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Posted 23.03.2021