Backend Developer

Posted 11.12.2018
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We are looking for an experienced Node.js developer who is excited about working in a small team, building a business from the ground up and taking on responsibility for the entire app development cycle from ideation to production.

You will be working closely with a designer and a very small engineering team.

We care about code quality, we have fully running CI/CD system setup, we read each other's code and iteration is critical to how we work.

The ideal candidate has experience with serverless systems like Amazon Lambda or Google Cloud functions, have worked with key/value datastores, 

understands the different value propositions of unit testing vs integration testing and has shown a commitment to learning and improving.

Specifically we are using Google Firebase (Firestore, Cloud Functions and Cloud Storage). We write fully ES6 code with static typing using Babel.js and Flow.js.

The majority of our business is building a mobile client, but we do have a simple website powered by next.js and react.js.

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Posted 11.12.2018