Backend JavaScript Developer

Posted 31.01.2019
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What you'll do:

  • Maintain and improve our code, in close coordination with the CTO and the rest of the dev team. 
  • Create the core of a web-scale application that can rapidly and successfully meet the needs of demanding and high-profile clients. 
  • Work on a next-generation, real-time, collaborative screenplay editor and production planning interface. 
  • Plan and add desktop, mobile, and offline functionality to our current web-based tools. 

Along with the product team and the rest of the development team, conceive, plan, and implement new features and capabilities for our software that we would never have thought of without you. 

  • Work during the work day, and then stop. We strongly value our time off and side projects. 
  • Learn something new every day from a diverse, energetic, and nationwide group of coworkers. 
  • Help Showrunner go from a promising upstart with a lot of buzz to an industry standard tool, used daily to create the best TV shows and movies in the business.
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Posted 31.01.2019