Backend Software Engineer

Posted 06.07.2019
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Things you'll do as a Backend Engineer: 

• Lead the design and development of backend features and components 

• Scaling the backend architecture and codebase 

• Reducing the level of technical debt of the backend codebase 

• Stewarding technical standards and quality 

• Maintaining both private and public APIs 

• Optimizing database queries and access 

• Taking ownership of a major part of the codebase and shipping code regularly! 

• Interface with product and other functional teams and their leadership 

• Provide peer code review and work with remote engineering teams 

• Analyze and assess code with an insistence on quality and reliability

What we are looking for: 

• Experience working on backend systems at scale, using technologies like PostgreSQL, Django, Redis, Python, RESTFul APIs, React, Javascript, JSS, etc. 

• Experience with AWS tools and available technologies 

• Experience building and deploying complex but well architected, maintainable, and testable application backends 

• Experience with error logging and performance tools such (Sentry, New Relic, etc.) 

• Strong object-oriented programming and test driven development skills 

• Great communication skills, interacting with development, testing and product team members 

• Experience working as part of an agile team and knowledge of agile process 

• Inquisitive, love to learn, embrace failure, and never give up

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Posted 06.07.2019