Front End ClojureScript Developer

Posted 25.12.2018
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Role overview

We are looking for a Front End Developer to work with ClojureScript and Clojure to help us build this website!

The better use of data 🤖 is fast establishing itself as a game-changer in the recruiting process, enabling organisations to more readily find and hire the right candidate for the job.

At WorksHub we are at the front of this revolution building communities of talent.

Our dedicated hubs, JavaScript Works, Ai Works, Blockchain Works and Functional Works, enable our members to find the world's most innovative companies, share new ideas and access the latest market trends. Using Open Source contributions, to generate objective ratings, based on an analysis of actual interests and experience, we match Software Engineers to new and interesting opportunities.

Disruptive business models and the rise of new technologies are forcing businesses to evolve quickly, fueling the demand for talent. The rise in demand has seen a shift in candidate behaviour as the need for Software Engineers outweighs the supply. With it taking up to 20 weeks to hire a Senior Engineer, business leaders are having to fundamentally re-evaluate their talent acquisition capabilities. This all leads to the need for a more intelligent solution for engaging and hiring technical talent.

The Role

You will be helping us build out the next stage of the site, building company profiles and with detailed insight into what technology means to each company on our site!

We have lots of exciting (well, we're excited...) new features in the pipeline to enable companies to hire better and faster through the use of open source tasks.

We are looking for a product driven Front End developer who has a passion for design.

And of course, we are using functional programming and some great tech to do it.

Must Have







Nice To Have



If you are new to functional programming we are happy to help you get up to speed.

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Posted 25.12.2018