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Posted 21.01.2022
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Front-End Developer needed for DoubleVerify, Inc. located in New York, NY.

  • Will develop client-side visualizations for UI driven products using Angular framework in New York City, NY.
  • Will create client components using Material, CSS and SCSS.
  • Will develop client-side code in Javascript, Typescript, and NodeJs to integrate the client visualization with the business logic.
  • Will design, develop and document APIs to be used by partners and other development teams.
  • Will work in continuous development and integration cycles by utilizing a micro-front-end architecture with automated packaging and deployments.
  • Will work in an agile environment, collaborating with team members and product managers on a daily basis and participating in product meetings.
  • Will analyze data to study the usage patterns and effectiveness of client facing systems in the ongoing effort to provide the most user-friendly experience.
  • Will work with a team responsible for enabling clients to successfully setup and operate an extensive suite of products.
  • Will develop client facing screens and components used by clients and the client services team. 
  • Will emphasize UI and UX flawless experience in terms of responsiveness, ease of use and functionality. 
  • Will coordinate and work with multiple development, product and client services teams.
  • Will rely on development experience in front-end technologies, including, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, and TypeScript.
  • Will develop with JavaScript, and CSS frameworks including, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, and Material.
  • Will use task, build, and automation running tools for JS including Webpack.
  • Will program in C#.


Master’s degree in computer science, information technology, math, business, or engineering and two years of IT experience, which must include one year of experience in the following:

  • front-end development;
  • Angular, Node.JS, and Typescript;
  • developing in front-end technologies with HTML, CSS, and Javascript;
  • developing with Bootstrap;
  • working within UI development framework functionalities and integrating them into existing solutions;
  • REST API’s and web-based API’s;
  • RxJS;
  • code management, including using GitHub. Telecommuting permitted.
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Posted 21.01.2022