Front-end Developer

Posted 04.12.2018
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We are looking for someone to build the front-end of our future apps from the scratch. You will be an integral part of the team, and be given plenty of freedom and autonomy to shape our product, and influence the tools to get there. In addition to a solid background in front-end development, an interest in, and understanding of, the blockchain space would be a big bonus.


- Coordinate and collaborate with back-end developer and UI/UX designer 

- Build, test and release the user facing code from scratch 

- Be autonomous and self driven 

- Help us create and maintain the company’s culture and core values while we grow


- HTML 5 

- Modern CSS, pre-processors, e.g. Sass. 

- JavaScript and UI libraries, e.g. React, Redux, Mobx 

- Familiarity with Typescript, Nodejs, Electron a plus 

- Module bundling, e.g. Webpack 

- Source transpilers, e.g. Babel 

- Great communication skills


- High degree of autonomy to schedule your work week and vacation time 

- Company retreats to conferences and events

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Posted 04.12.2018