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Posted 19.12.2018
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Flood is looking for a front-end developer to join our small but growing team to build the worlds best software testing tools. 

Front-end engineers at Flood are responsible for everything between our back-end APIs and the customer, so you have a huge amount of room to be creative. Our product is constantly evolving, and to this day it's largely been driven from listening to our customers and asking tough questions about how something should be done. Needless to say, we're a very open minded team that likes to explore big ideas. 

On a product level, the front-end app you'll be working on is used to design load tests, run them, and analyse the results (live demo at bottom). We spend a lot of time thinking about the customer experience behind each feature, as we're trying to completely change the way automated testing is done and to bring it to the modern age. 

On a technology level, our app is built in Ember and D3. We roll our own charts and have made the code behind them open-source. Like any efficient small team, we've reached our scale by eliminating any friction between writing code and getting it into production, and we believe strongly in automating everything we can to make our job easier. This includes infrastructure, deployment, billing, and most day to day business operations. 

Flood is a 4-year-old bootstrapped startup, which has so far served over 5,000 organisations to help them deliver faster and more reliable software. We have some very exciting projects in the pipeline which we're looking for the right people to help us make a reality. 

We operate as a distributed team, most communication is async, and we achieve this by giving our team access to everything. We believe that through fluent communication we can achieve great work without stepping on each other's toes. Our communication tools of choice are Slack and Hangouts, and pretty much anything else that gets pulled into the fold as needed.


You like working in a team and learning new processes and technologies. You're never afraid to dive into a problem even if it doesn't fit your role. You're happy to define your own work environment, maintain good work life balance, and be self-motivated when other team members are in different time zones and not always available. 

Your background would include some of the following: 

You've worked remotely before and have some idea of how you can be productive this way, 

Good familiarity with modern Javascript and debugging tools, 

Familiarity with Ember.js or willingness to learn (it's actually a pretty great framework), 

D3.js for data visualisation, or at least a good understanding of how it works, 

Working with Time Series Data and processing data sets client-side, 

Solid experience testing your code (we don't enforce TDD methodology, but we expect code to have coverage), 

Experience with automated CI/CD pipelines, or willingness to learn. All engineers are responsible for ensuring deployment goes smoothly, 

Strong, fluent written and spoken English, 

Experience with load testing, functional testing, or performance tuning a plus! 

Ultimately, we are looking for individuals who can and want to make a contribution to our constantly growing and evolving company. Whether you have only a few or all of the elements of a candidate’s background we identified, we’d love to hear if you think Flood might be a good fit for you!


Our core company values are diversity, creativity and inclusiveness. We celebrate differences and encourage creative solutions. We build a distributed load testing platform for everyone. These values are reflected through the benefits we offer: 

Location/Travel: Being a distributed team, you can work from wherever you want. You don’t have to go to Melbourne, but we’re happy to fly you in for visits. The whole team gets together once a year for a team off-site. We will provide corporate travel insurance (CTI) and cover your travel costs. 

Flexible working hours: You choose your working hours. We encourage a healthy work life balance. We have families and personal lives, and we encourage all our employees to spend time tending to them. 

Professional and Personal Growth: You will have opportunities for personal and professional development. You’ll learn and grow at conferences, we’ll cover your travel and ticket costs according to our individual conference budgets.

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Posted 19.12.2018