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Posted 27.12.2018
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About the Front-end Developer position

We’re looking for a Front-end Developer who shares our passion for technology, who is prepared to join a dynamic, fast-paced environment and wants to help us shape the future of crypto payments.

By joining this team, you will get to know people with different backgrounds and experiences, that will help you grow and also learn from you. As a team we are building a platform to detect and register payments in several blockchains, stretching from a payment widget interface integrated in merchants websites and in a Point of Sale devices, a dashboard for merchants payments, and a full fledge crypto payments wallet.

If you are confident in your coding skills, but you are also a specialist when it comes to design-focused development, then you might as well be the person we’re looking for.


  • Our front-end is mostly React, with both Redux and Apollo Client which communicate with the web layer via Ajax and Web Sockets.
  • We’re very opinionated concerning the way we organize the front-end, and specifically for CSS, we follow the SUIT CSS styling methodology for component-based UI development.
  • In terms of APIs we have both REST and GraphQL that we use in different scenarios, therefore experience with both is a plus
  • You want to help in the decision making. Our platform is still in its early stages, so a lot of the technical decisions are still in the making, and you could be a part of that.
  • Security must always be a concern. We practice and follow security and privacy by design
  • A respect for and admiration of the culture, process, and craft of web development, as well as an understanding of the user experience

These are the main requirements, however, we also value:

  • We don't expect you to be familiar with every piece of technology we use, but instead to have a willingness to learn and work with the elements of our stack.
  • As we scale the team, we also look for people already with experience in leading the architecture definition of products and teams.

Sounds like you? Great!

If you see yourself fit in the requirements, this role could be a great match, so we look forward to receiving your application!

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Posted 27.12.2018