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Posted 26.12.2018
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We are searching for a frontend developer with the ambition and motivation to contribute on solving a big and difficult energy and social related issue with critical impact on communities and economy: how to support a more socially accepted energy transition to the next smart energy infrastructures.


• Integrate disparate sources of data and analytics to transform available information streams into a linked solution to enable clients and customers to obtain access to relevant, and quality information and insights as required. 

• Lead the back-end integration of data and systems, and contributes to the design, development and implementation of engaging digital solutions using innovative technologies and creative approaches. This includes interrogating, transforming, and presenting complex information and data, such as statistics, geospatial information and analysis through effective and tailored digital solutions to enable the accessibility and availability of information for internal and external customers. 

• Manage the transformation and integration of data, such as infrastructure project locations, assets and other geospatial data into a meaningful and engaging digital experience for users ensuring its provision in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.


• 5+ years of hands on front end development experience with web apps using HTML, CSS, Javascript and other industry standard frameworks 

• Extensive experience with React as front end framework, deep understanding of React.js, Redux, or Vue js 

• Familiarity with revision control (e.g. GIT) and package management tools 

• Experience working with GIS software, data, and mapping systems, including web-based mapping libraries such as Openlayers, Leaflet, JS API, MapBox GL JS, Carto JS and WebGL. 

• Experience with CSS pre-processing frameworks (Sass, Less, Stylus) 

• Experience with unit testing libraries such as Mocha, Jest, Chai, Enzyme 

• Experience with data visualization frameworks such as D3 

• Good understanding of asynchronous request handling (AJAX) and RESTful APIs 

• Experience with code versioning tools and process 

• Experience with automated build and deployment 

• Good written and reading skills in English

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Posted 26.12.2018