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Frontend Developer

Posted 14.10.2022
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As a future product capabilities (website) team member, you are running within a full-stack team and will:

  • Develop and maintain robust, high quality, scalable B2B web applications.
  • Build reusable UI components.
  • Elaborate solutions and implement software features in short iteration cycles as part of an agile cross-functional team.
  • Take End-to-End responsibility for a software development life cycle.
  • Refactor existing code according to Clean Code guidelines.
  • Communicate and coordinate towards UX/UI design, quality assurance and backend development.


Your Profile:

  • Completed studies in computer science, information technology, related fields or equivalent work experience.


  • Passion for programming, willingness to learn and to try new things
  • Modern JavaScript (ES2015 or higher), HTML5, CSS3 as well as CSS preprocessors (SASS) and BEM.
  • Working with any modern JavaScript framework(e.g. Angular, React.js, Vue.js etc)
  • Responsive, cross browser compatible web design concepts.
  • Good understanding of OOP and/or functional programming.
  • Experience in TDD/BDD and continuous integration.
  • Taking care of software quality in regard to Clean Code principles like YAGNI, KISS, SOLID, etc.
  • Familiarity with linting and code formatting tools (ESLint, Stylelint, Prettier, EditorConfig etc).
  • Experience with module bundlers (e.g. webpack, rollup, vite, esbuild).  
  • Good knowledge of version control tools, especially Git
  • Basic knowledge and interest in containerization (Docker, Kubernetes).



  • Experience with a CMS (esp. AEM with Java), PHP or Node.js would be an advantage.
  • Be able to decide on using the right frontend tools and be involved in marking architectural decisions.
  • Good understanding of atomic design principles and modular web development (experience working with design systems)
  • Consuming RESTful APIs. 
  • Web performance analysis and optimization techniques.
  • Experience working with SCRUM in an agile environment.
  • Basic knowledge about web semantics, accessibility as well as web controlling/tracking and SEO.
  • Ability to think outside the box.
  • Strong communication skills and very good knowledge of English - spoken and written
  • German is a plus - the B level would be awesome.
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Posted 14.10.2022