Frontend Developer

Posted 17.07.2019
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We’re looking for an experienced front end developer to join our small, distributed team. We’ve built a complex ecosystem for distributing, publishing, tracking, and analyzing social media content. Our single page apps are used by enterprise companies and social media influencers alike. If you like sports, you’ll love this job!

We have an ever growing backlog of features to build, and need your help! If you have an interest in doing full stack development or dev ops, we got you covered, you can wear as many hats as you like. We offer health benefits, flexible hours, and equity.

Required skillset: 

  • 2+ years experience with React 
  • Javascript 
  • HTML / CSS 

Familiarity with: 

  • Redux 
  • GraphQL 
  • Typescript 
  • UX 
  • You can recognize problems w/UI's and offer alternatives 
  • You can implement custom designs using HTML / CSS / Javascript 
  • You can work within an existing design system to create new components 
  • Responsive web development

Major bonus points for experience with: 

  • Ruby on Rails 
  • Node 
  • AWS / DevOps / Docker / Kubernetes
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Posted 17.07.2019