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Posted 23.08.2019
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We're looking for a Frontend developer to join our team. You'll be working on multiple React- and React-Native based frontends as one part of a growing, Kubernetes-powered architecture, helping to build the next generation of our healthcare platform SCAUT which supports Cardiac patients at Hospitals in Denmark. We're a small team of highly talented, experienced developers, engineers & researchers working in close collaboration with eachother, as well as the Patients & Clinics that we support.

Who are we?

We are an interdisciplinary team of software engineers, physicists, techno-anthropologists and more, who share a passion for building products that are part of the next generation of healthcare solutions. We are originally a University spin-out (see, and are based in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our main product is a software platform that supports the treatment and care for heart patients with implanted pacemakers. The platform delivers decision-support for clinicians at the hospital and engagement in own care for patients. We do this with a web frontend for the hospital clinicians and a smartphone app for patients.

Our tech stack

Our platform is backed by a Kubernetes infrastructure hosting Python and Elixir services, along with typical supporting elements such as SQL- and no-SQL databases and event busses. We also manage our own CI/CD pipelines via Jenkins CI.

We ingest data from a number of external sources, which is processed by our platform and that in turn services a number of TypeScript React-based frontends: a React Native mobile application for iOs and Android, a React web portal for clinicians at hospitals, and internal management tools also built in React. Finally we make pseudo-anonymized data available to our Data Science team via a Data Warehouse, where it is processed and investigated as part of building algorithms and models to assist clinical decision-making. 

Who are you?

First and foremost, you love programming and building software.

You might be an experienced software engineer with a track record of building stable, beautiful Frontend applications that work well across a range of browsers and devices, who wields HTML & CSS like finely honed knives. You know that modern frontends can get extremely complex over time, and you've got experience limiting complexity to the things that warrant it. You may also have backend experience or be a full-stack developer who is interested in taking responsibility for our frontend efforts.

Or you might be an engineer with less experience than that - and that's totally fine too! What you lack in experience, you make up for with a strong drive to grow & learn, to try new tools and to work alongside experienced engineers in a tightly knit team. You know how to work in JavaScript or TypeScript already, and understand the fundamentals of programming - even if you don't have tons of experience with HTML5, CSS and similar yet, or that big application on your resumé.

Regardless of level of experience, you:

  • understand that building software is about weighing the trade-offs between possible solutions, and you are open to collaborative processes like pull requests & peer review.
  • are looking for an opportunity to turn your passion for programming and software towards something that will genuinely help real people in need.
  • want to help drive innovative solutions at the forefront of healthcare.
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Posted 23.08.2019