Frontend Software Developer (Senior)

Posted 26.08.2021
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We are looking for a Senior React Developer to work on implementing new features for both our BookedBy and SalonUltimate products which are used on mobile, tablet, web, and desktop. The ideal candidate would already have a strong history of developed pplications in React. This is a great opportunity for curious, passionate, and creative problem-solvers seeking to learn and contribute in a high-growth environment.


  • Developing new responsive web applications using Reacts and adding new features to our existing software
  • Integrating the applications with our existing or new cloud services
  • Translating designs and wireframes into high-quality pixel-perfect code which is robust and easy to maintain
  • Optimizing UI components for maximum performance across a vast array of browsers
  • Thinking about all possible use cases


  • Deep experience with React and Redux
  • Hands-on experience with Typescript, ES6, Webpack, Babel, NPM/Yarn
  • Understanding of React Native and its core principles
  • Experience building responsive websites and ensuring compatibility across the entire range of modern desktop and mobile browsers
  • Experience with at least one CSS framework (such as Twitter Bootstrap)
  • Experience building apps that communicate with a server via REST API
  • Hands-on experience with Git
  • Understanding of object-oriented designs and principles.
  • Experience with multi-threading, performance tuning.
  • Excellent communication skills, including working with remote team members.
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Posted 26.08.2021