Full-Stack Developer

Posted 12.08.2019
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About This Role:

You must be a high-performing, self-starting software developer, that is able to take a business idea, understand it completely, and cast it to abstract software concepts. You like building software that is scalable for large amounts of data (currently, we deal with 100s of gigs) AND adaptable for changing future business needs. You are likely a good fit if you agree with “functional in the small, OO in the large”, and love nothing more than clean interfaces. You take pride in and own your features end-to-end: from design to tests to code to documentation to productionization to maintenance. Depending on your desire and abilities, you would be able to focus on machine learning, or frontend, or infrastructure, or even full-stack


You are pursuing or have earned a BS, MS, or PhD degree in computer science 

(or equivalent).

Skills: Required: 

  • Solid foundation in object-oriented programming 
  • Solid understanding of data structures and algorithms 
  • Experience with multi-threaded and asynchronous paradigms 
  • Experience with at least one of Java, C, C++, Scala, etc. (we use Java) 
  • Experience with scripting languages (e.g. Python, Bash)


  • Experience developing web application frameworks (we use Play framework for the backend and Angular for the frontend) 
  • Experience with a cloud deployment system (we use Kubernetes) 
  • Experience with version control (we use Git) 
  • Machine learning algorithms at scale (e.g. RNN, GBDT) 
  • Natural language processing techniques (e.g. Markov chain, n-grams)
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Posted 12.08.2019