Full-Stack Developer

Posted 01.07.2022
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Duties & Responsibilities:

• Evaluate potential technical solutions for real-world business problems

• Develop prototypes of new solutions for business tasks

• Develop features to meet client requirements

• Guide components through the full development lifecycle, including automated testing, deployment, and monitoring

• Conduct code reviews of other developers’ work

• Resolve customer comments and changes to pull requests

• Write unit tests

• Support, refine, and refactor application and unit test code

• Mentor junior developers and suggest opportunities for their growth

• Suggest how to improve team collaboration and effectiveness


• Experience with React, Node, PostgreSQL, Typescript

• Knowledge of a variety of software development methods

• Experience structuring and optimizing databases

• Experience working in a Senior/Lead developer role

• Experience conducting code reviews on projects

• Demonstrated expertise presenting and speaking to your technical solutions

• Desire to learn and help others

Other Helpful Qualifications:

• Knowledge of and experience working with Azure, Azure DevOps, Kubernetes, Terraform, Bash, Python, Linux, and Windows VM


• A bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming or other related field.

• 3-4 years of experience working with React, Node, MongoDB, Typescript

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Posted 01.07.2022