Full Stack Developer

Posted 14.02.2019
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We're looking for someone to set the standard for Bidyo's, now and in the future. You'll start by building products and set the tone for all back-end web technologies used in current and new products. In the near future, you'll lead teams and inspire others in creating friendly, useful products in the realms of social media, Video and Image editing, analytics. 


  • Experience about Javascript runtime technologies: NodeJS, ExpressJS, M.E.A.N, React
  • Experience about Front-end: Angular.JS, JQuery, Bootstrap 
  • Video and Image Processing: FFMPEG and Canvas
  • Must know how to work with API: Facebook, Twitter, Stripe, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Slack, Cloud Storage


  • Comfortable working with a wide range of tools 
  • Strong Computer Science/Software Engineering background 
  • A generalist, who has experience across the full stack 
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, with a creative and analytic mind 
  • Knowledge of the web stack, networks, and Unix administration 
  • Our codebase is Java/Javascript; experience in these languages is ideal 
  • Must know Pixel Perfect while working with UX/UI designs 


  • Database modeling and design skills 
  • Experience with third-party APIs and Payment systems 
  • Experience with image and video processing 
  • Passion for coding and building amazing products (with an active Github to show for it) 
  • Passion for learning and growing 

What We're Building 

  • Our platform allows anyone to create professional quality videos as easy as it is to make a powerpoint slide. 
  • More than just an editing tool. Bidyo is a vital assistant that will help you build videos based on your intent. 
  • Combine Videos, Images and GIFs, to create stunning content. 
  • Easy drag and drop interface. Quickly import your content from your favorite cloud storage and clients. 
  • Collaborate with your entire team to Publish, Create and Schedule Content. One clear and easy to use a calendar that allows editing and sharing. 
  • Easily crop vertical, square and horizontal videos and pictures from your existing contented. 
  • Assistant Features: Helps you craft the title to get the most views for your category 
  • Smart Templates: Fill in pre-existing templates to create the video style in your category e.g. 
  • Clickbait, Explainer etc. 


Node.js, Ffmpeg, Angular.JS, Front-End/Full-Stack (UI-AngularJS-JS-NodeJS)

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Posted 14.02.2019