Full stack developer

Posted 04.12.2018
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We here at Cartwheel are building a time tracking automation platform for small businesses, freelancers and contractors. We've felt the pain of tons of spreadsheets and hours spent on paperwork during the length of a contract and say, “No more!”

We're looking for a full stack developer who likes getting their hands dirty with multiple bleeding edge technologies and likes to solve technical challenges. We're running on Angular 5 for our front-end, dotnet core on the back-end, and backed by postgresql. Microservices are the thing all the cool kids are using nowadays and you'll get a chance to play with Docker, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud Platform cloud functions, all to help us make the world easier for contractors looking to get paid on time.

Looking for people who are great with: 

React/Angular 4+ (REQUIRED) 

Redux, or other strategy libraries(REQUIRED) 

Java or dot net(dotnet preferred, as we use dotnet core) 


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Posted 04.12.2018