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Full Stack Developer

Posted 03.02.2021
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I'm looking for a competent freelance full-stack developer to build an SEO friendly website/web-app where a user can post and share photos and information related to the fitness niche (via a submission questionnaire), and view other users photos and submitted information. More information can be provided post-NDA.

Once published on the website, users will be able to search through user-submitted information and photos about their fitness regimes, and see the most relevant ones to themselves - through a search results page where data can be filtered and sorted.

Looking for a versatile software stack that is SEO-focused (for marketing and pushing the website), and future-proofed in terms of languages used.

I am familiar with the following from previous projects, but am open to other software stacks should they work aswell.

  • Bootstrap
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • Google Cloud Datastore/Docker Image
  • Javascript
  • Python (Django)

Website requirements summary:

  • Homepage
  • Search Results Page for user submitted data, with ability for the data be ordered and filtered on the front end
  • Ability for user to create an account, upload photos, and information via a questionnaire
  • Ability to moderate user submissions before published onto website
  • User ability to comment on other user-submitted posts,
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Terms of use / privacy policy
  • SEO friendly
  • SEO functionality for automatically generated content for filtered results pages (e.g. show results of user submitted posts which tick X,Y,Z)
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Posted 03.02.2021