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Posted 05.12.2018
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We are creating the world’s first 3D (and 2D) design and editing engine for ANN to make AI design and deployment accessible to a much broader base of people. We are growing quickly and are looking for a Full Stack Developer who wants to revolutionize the world of AI by playing an integral part in the design and development of the Zetane web platform.

You will work on a multi-disciplinary team of colleagues and domain experts to build rock solid web applications supporting the Zetane AI platform. This will include collaborating with Zetane’s high calibre technical team on the creation, evolution, release and support of a cloud-based Zetane design, editing, and visualization engine, along with the infrastructure to support many concurrent users and massive datasets.

The ideal candidate will be a solidly experienced full stack developer with a drive to build reliable, performant web applications and across domain interest in learning about high performance networking, graphics engines, and cutting edge AI work.


Design and develop new features and key portions of the Zetane web platform. 

Maintain, monitor, and support the Zetane web platform. It’s a small startup, which means everyone “carries the pager”. An eye towards reliability, monitorability, and self-healing systems keeps everyone happy. 

Participate in sprint planning, daily standups, and sprint reviews. 

Conduct design and code reviews to ensure high quality end products. 

Participate in bug fixing and 3rd-level support. 

Provide necessary documentation. 

Keep key stakeholders informed of any blockages or issues in progress. 

Ask for help when needed. 

Technical Skills:

Must have:

Back-end platform experience (e.g. Rails, Django, etc.). 

Solid experience with relational databases, table design, and query optimization. 

Experience with HTML, CSS, and responsive design. 

Experience with Javascript and modern JS libs (React, Angular, etc.). 

Knowledge of version control (e.g. Git). 

Familiarity with automated testing. 

Web server knowledge: Nginx, Apache, etc. 

Ability to organize, manage and perform multiple related tasks independently or in a team while meeting deadlines. 

Be comfortable working in French or English. 

Would be a bonus:

Golang experience or a desire to learn. 

Caching (Redis, memcached, etc.). 

Background job frameworks (Sidekiq, celery, etc.). 

Solid knowledge of cloud platform(s) (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.). 

Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes) and deployment (Ansible, Puppet, Chef, etc.) or an interest in learning. 

Design patterns. 

A well rounded understanding of architectural tradeoffs on the web. 

Low level network protocol experience (e.g. TCP/UDP). 

General knowledge of AI related tools (ie: TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe, etc.) . 

Experience in 3D visualisation or game engine development. 

Experience in launching new products to market. 

Bilingual (French and English). 

Soft Skills:

A desire to work in a high-energy, startup environment 

A non-stop willingness to learn. 

We’re a startup that is growing quickly, so our team members must be self-starters. We’ll give you guidance and ensure you have clear objectives, but we want you to be driven in getting it done. 

The candidate must be dedicated, focused, and well-organized. The ability to work independently and collaborate and work well in a team that consists of mixed skill levels is critical. 

Your opinion matters so we encourage our colleagues to be collaborative and proactive. This means we want you to share your genius and not be afraid to ask for help or clarifications when needed. 

You should prefer simple solutions that are easy to build, easy to support, and robust. Unnecessary complexity is not considered an advantage on our team. 

You must have good documentation and communication skills and be comfortable communicating face-to-face or via Skype or Slack. 

You’re dedicated, work hard, but enjoy a good laugh.

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Posted 05.12.2018