Full Stack Django Engineer

Posted 29.05.2019
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HeySummit is hiring a Full-stack Engineer to help us build the best platform for sharing knowledge with the world.

About HeySummit

HeySummit empowers anyone to run amazing virtual summits from anywhere. From selling tickets and organising speakers, to managing talks and outreach, HeySummit is a complete wrap-around system for organisers of online conferences, speaker series, media libraries and summits.

Everyday, people use HeySummit in new ways to spread human knowledge and with a smaller carbon footprint.

About the Role

Despite launching just months ago, HeySummit has already experienced a sudden and significant burst of users which has been great for building our community. While this growth has been positive, one of our biggest goals is to build a fantastic product that delights and makes a difference.

Joining us at this early stage means you have the opportunity to meaningfully shape the product. As an early member of the team, you’ll get to know how the customers use the product, become deeply knowledgeable about the architecture, and write production code for new features as well as improvements. Your opinions carry meaningful weight in our decisions about the direction of the product.

Key Responsibilities

* Building new features to spec in production code in the frontend (JQuery, Bootstrap, Less), backend (Django + PostgresSQL), and architecture (AWS)

* Working on integrations between HeySummit and the tools our customers love to use

* Liaising with the product and customer happiness team to figure out issues and work on new features and improvements

About You

* You pride yourself on writing clean, easy to read code

* You are diligent about contributing to documentation

* You understand the value that fixing bugs brings to customers

* You feel comfortable interacting with nontechnical stakeholders

* You have experience with CI/CD

* You test your code before every push

* You create automated tests as you build

* You are interested in self-improvement

* You see the value of engaging with the whole team on a daily basis

Who We Are

We are a small team with backgrounds in building businesses that delight customers. With HeySummit, we’re on a mission to be the best way to spread human knowledge.

HeySummit is a business borne out of need, after Ben wanted to run an online conference and couldn’t find something to do the trick. He didn’t have a solution, so decided to build one. After a successful summit and listening to the 50th person begging to know what platform he’d used, the decision to open HeySummit to the world was made.

More than just a summit platform, we strive to make an impact with everything we do.

Where We’re Going

We see HeySummit growing into a highly impactful company, building a beautiful product that empowers users all over the world.

The future, we believe, is distributed, and we’re building a connected team that can work from anywhere. We welcome applications from all over the world.

Following in the footsteps of pioneers like Buffer and Doist, we’re deliberate about the culture we develop. This means fostering a working community of independent thinkers, supporting one another to work our best, and encouraging personal and professional growth.

Working With Us

We believe exceptional work is about adopting a mindset of continuous learning and being comfortable with failure, openness and vulnerability. We practice radical candor, provide a supportive environment and encourage everyone to challenge assumptions. We have a no-blame culture where everyone’s ideas have value.

We’re remote positive. We believe you’re best placed to understand how you work best, and we have resources available to help you work when and where you want. We find that +/- 4 hours from Edinburgh (UK time) works best, however are open to considering other options for exceptional candidates.

We believe communication is vital for exceptional work. We have daily video standups, open calls, and 121s where you meet and build relationships with every member of the team. We have two all-company off-sites per year. These activities help us to build a strong and supportive workplace culture.

How We Hire

First and foremost, we look at the abilities of the candidate and match them against the job description. Following the meeting of that bar, we prioritise diversity of background, expertise, and experience. We respect a willingness to learn and grow, and expect mutual honesty and input.

We believe that diversity is strength and we offer a culture and opportunities to make inclusivity the norm. As a team we are inclusive and encouraging of differences, and flexible in how, when, and where we work. We value a willingness to learn and develop, vulnerability, and radical candor. Applicants are welcome from any background, nationality, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religious affiliation.

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Posted 29.05.2019