Full-Stack Engineer

Posted 22.07.2019
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For this role, we are really looking for a senior developer that has a proven track record of taking products to market. Do not waste your time by applying if you do not qualify.

In this role, you will:

  • Architect and develop fast, intuitive, high-volume web applications for healthcare institutions and for in-house purposes 
  • Design and build dynamic, client-side user interfaces with an eye for end-user experience 
  • Develop secure, reliable, high-efficiency server-side backends 
  • Engage in API development and API integration for scalable solutions 
  • Interface with machine learning engineers to serve lightweight, robust machine learning models 
  • Test and revise design, code, and documentation based on user research and feedback 
  • Collaborate with data science and product management team members to provide technical tradeoffs and estimated timelines

Minimum qualifications:

  • 4+ years of industry technical experience 
  • Foundational knowledge in application design, security, and scalability 
  • Deep experience in Python and web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript) 
  • Deep experience developing modern web application frameworks and API programming such as Django/Flask 
  • Excellent front-end design and UI/UX skills and experience with React 
  • Experience with cloud deployment on AWS 
  • Passion to build phenomenal services through rapid prototyping 
  • Clear vision and ability to take ownership to roadmap software development and communicate/collaborate effectively with team members

Preferred qualifications: 

  • Previous experience deploying trained machine learning models 
  • Previous experience integrating with electronic health records 
  • Previous experience in healthcare web development

This is an opportunity to steer direction of early product development that requires strong technical foresight, self-directedness, and willingness to take on ownership. We view this as a leadership role. If interested, please contact us with a resume and short blurb as a statement of interest!

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Posted 22.07.2019