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Full-Stack Engineer

Posted 08.07.2019
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At Helis, our mission is to transition the world into a new era of finance by making decentralised finance accessible to everyone. We’re a multi-disciplinary, fully remote team that values having the right people on-board rather than the right degree, exact skill-set or superficial brand associations. Above all we’re looking for people who are self-starters, love taking ownership and enjoy creating things from scratch.


  • Put love in what you do. Your work should be a reflection of your craft
  • Strive for balance. Whether it’s work-life balance or build scrappy/solid balance, we want people who know that most answers aren’t black or white and strive to find the right in-between
  • Less talk, more execution. We want people who can find direction when there is none and can start executing


  • Write front end applications in React that interface directly with smart contracts
  • Speak and empathise with customers about what their needs are and how your work ties into the project’s goals and intentions
  • Build our current and upcoming DeFi-based products
  • Write JavaScript modules that wrap our contract code or interact with our contracts on-chain
  • Analyze Ethereum blockchain data
  • Build internal tools, dashboards, and responsive web applications
  • Work across the entire stack to build, test and ship new user facing products on top of base layer protocols
  • Good communication skills and ability to work with global teams to define and deliver on projects


  • At least 3+ years experience working as a full-time developer
  • Confident with React, Web3, Truffle, Typescript, Javascript, JSON-RPC
  • High quality side project(s) demonstrating your skill-set
  • At least 3 hours of remote working overlap with existing team


  • Open source contributions
  • You've worked on high quality products in the finance or security space
  • You have experience with Solidity, Node, React, Redux, and/or Postgres
  • You have an understanding of blockchain technology and/or cryptoeconomics
  • Basic understanding of financial instruments
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Posted 08.07.2019