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Posted 08.07.2022
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We're a community of designers, engineers, and product managers who are passionate about building quality software. Our environment is collaborative and relaxed, and as a result we build products that are well considered and well architected.

We're hiring talented Full Stack Engineers who want to build ambitious products using modern tools. "Full Stack Engineer" can mean many things. At Postlight, it refers to a person with 2 years of experience who can build entire front end web applications and deploy complex services to the cloud that support those applications.

We ship, and we ship often. Millions of people use our products, and we support them for years. As a result, we care deeply about code quality. The thought process behind a line of code is just as important as the line itself. We review pull requests and love having discussions about how solutions can be made DRYer, clearer, and safer.

We use the right tools for the job. That means that we're always evaluating ways to work smarter and faster and get the maximum amount of joy out of the job. The result is that we use modern tools on a modern stack.


Below are two types of applications we build frequently: a modern frontend application and a modern backend API. We’ve listed example technologies we use for each part of the stack. The more apps you’ve built using the technologies below, the better fit you are for Postlight. We don't expect applicants to have experience with every technology below. Many of our current full stack engineers have learned skills from this list on the job.

Modern JavaScript Front End App:

  • Languages: TypeScript and JavaScript
  • Linting and style: ESLint and Prettier
  • Frameworks: React, React Native
  • CSS: Flexbox, PostCSS, CSS in JS (Emotion and more), Functional CSS (Tailwind)
  • Best Practices: Modern bundling techniques, performance, security
  • Graphics: SVG, D3

Modern Backend API:

  • Languages: JavaScript, PL/pgSQL, Ruby, Python, Elixir, Java, PHP
  • API Design: GraphQL, JSON API
  • Frameworks: Postgraphile, Serverless, Apollo GraphQL, Hasura, Phoenix, WordPress
  • Containerization: Docker
  • Data Storage: Postgres, MySQL, NoSQL, Firebase, Redis, ElasticSearch
  • Cloud Providers: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku
  • Infrastructure: Terraform, Pulumi

Whether working on site or remotely, your communication skills will be as important as your technical ones. Collaborating across time zones requires constant, clear communication and coordination, via Slack, documents, and frequent video conferences. Postlight is headquartered in New York City, but half of our team works remotely. We know how to keep everyone on the same page, and so should you.

Your skill set will grow at Postlight. You will join a team excited about the problems they solve and the tools they use to solve them. We keep pace with the industry, and are active participants in the open-source world. You will find yourself regularly growing in your career, using new tools and frameworks to solve new kinds of problems—with support from management and mentors.

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Posted 08.07.2022