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Full Stack Engineer

Posted 16.05.2019
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The position of full stack engineer means you'll be in the middle of it all.

We are a crack team of engineers, designers and experts getting to play with and explore the latest and most exciting tech (GraphQL, Big Data, ML, React, ElasticSearch and more).

A day in the life at Watching That is a day full of new experiences and moving the needle for our platform, our business and our customers.

You'll need to:

  • think on your feet, 
  • communicate your ideas clearly and concisely, 
  • have a laugh, 
  • be open to feedback and alternative views, 
  • love problem solving and overcoming challenges, 
  • want to learn, learn and learn some more

This isn't a 9-5 job, it's a journey full of purpose and passion. Along the way you'll be working with some great people overcoming complex challenges.

The ideal candidate will be (and we're going to be picky!):

  • A proven rockstar in ElasticStack, NodeJS, React and GraphQL; 
  • Have envious experience in big data, ML architecture; 
  • Be able to work remotely and as part of a virtual team.

Bonus marks if you've worked with online video before (we have!)

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Posted 16.05.2019