Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Posted 23.12.2020
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We're a small startup building a product tagging API, which uses Computer Vision and NLP to automatically categorize and tag e-commerce products (e.g. the pattern and style of a shirt). To make our product more accessible to Shopify brands, we're releasing an app on the Shopify app store ( which integrates with our API.

We have an existing codebase from a previous contractor and intern, however have a few additional features and app store requirements we need to implement. We are seeking a full-stack engineer who either has experience with Shopify apps or is able to quickly learn the dev ecosystem and requirements.

The contractor will be working with an existing code base written in React and Node JS, using a Postgres database. The contractor will need to work with the Shopify API, the Shopify Billing API, and Shopify Polaris components ( We have high expectations for code quality, and expect the developer to push Github pull requests which will go through a review process with an engineer on our team.

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Posted 23.12.2020