Full-Stack Software Engineer

Posted 17.01.2019
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PixelMe is hiring its next engineer. We are searching for a remote first compliant full-stack software developer. The engineering team is currently composed of 2 full-stack senior experienced developers (including the CTO). We also have a junior growth engineer who is a full-stack developer as well.


  • 3+ years exp 
  • Autonomous 
  • Team spirit 
  • Benevolent and humble 
  • Experience in maintaining production systems

PixelMe current stack 

Any experience in this technologies is a plus, but as an experienced developer, we are convinced that you can learn any new stack, so it’s not mandatory. 

  • Golang 
  • ReactJS 
  • Kubernetes on GKE 
  • MongoDB 
  • Elastic Search 
  • Kafka 

Anything you need in order to solve our issues :-)

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Posted 17.01.2019