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Full Stack Software Engineer

Posted 05.12.2018
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We exist to provide quality financial services for all: from protecting grandma’s money from scammers to providing supplemental financial tools that support disabled veterans. We are exclusively looking for engineers who can also be passionate about our mission and enjoy the fact that each line of code we push is helping someone who normally is overlooked by financial services, and in many cases, all of society.

We’d love to chat if you:

-Have 18 months of software engineering experience, hopefully with Ruby on Rails or a similar web framework 

-Are able to keep your cool while working on hairy, wacky full-stack code 

-Enjoy exploring implementation options and collaborating with product folks 

-Can improve the codebase without being rude, judgmental or arrogant about it 

-Would describe yourself as more of a 'session musician' (i.e. Carol Kaye) than a 'rockstar' 

-Truly care about diversity and inclusion in the workplace 

-Love cupcakes, hearing about coworkers passion projects, and optimizing lunch orders

What’s it like being an engineer at True Link?

Since our customers depend on our products for their immediate (today's groceries) and long-term (retirement investments) financial needs, our team works to meet high standards of usability, security, and availability. So we move fast, but we can't be cavalier about breaking things. ‍We also get to experiment and build cool things: We've used Twilio to craft a useful and constantly-improving IVR for customer service, and we help make our customers and operations folks happy by processing inquiries via SMS.

While we are a financial services company, we are also still a startup. This means that we need engineers who can make a difference at each layer of the tech stack. Maybe you’re feeling confined by only working on one module or microservice and want to broaden your skills? This could be the right role for you!

We don’t ever worry about our engineers being bored or unchallenged. Our entire development team is constantly taking on new challenges for themselves and taking on higher levels of ownership than they have in previous roles .. and they love it. Hopefully you will too. FWIW, 90% of our work is in React and Rails, 5% is in Java, and about 5% is DevOps—AWS. And if you’ve worked on other fintech products (i.e. robo-advising), please call us right now. Yes, now.

This role is full-time and based in San Francisco. For people who are parents or caregivers, we know that’s truly your most important priority and will make sure you have a schedule that works for you. Our engineering team is striving for true inclusion, since we know what it's like to be underrepresented in tech. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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Posted 05.12.2018